Are Music of the Spheres wind chimes really made in the United States?

Yes they are. In fact we source all of our material from within the U.S. and if you are ever in the Austin Texas area we invite you to come and take a tour of our facility. 

What is the shipping cost for my order?

The shipping cost is going to be roughly 10% of your total order. 

When is my order going to ship?

Once your order is received it should ship with 5 business days. 

If I need to cancel my order how can this be accomplished?

If for some reason you need to cancel your order and it has not shipped please contact us as soon as possible at 512.385.0340.

How do I utilize the current special you are offering?

Please reference the code in the notes field with your order. This will allow us to update the order to reflect the current special we are offering. 

Can I pick up my order at the warehouse?

Absolutely. Please mention that you would like to come by and pick your order up in the notes field when placing the order.

My order has been submitted but I need to make changes to the order. How do I do this?

If you need to make any changes please contact us as soon as possible at 512.385.0340. 

Can I place an order under the minimum reorder amount of $200.00?

Yes, however there will be an additional charge of 10% added to the final invoiced amount in addition to the shipping fee. This does not apply to your opening order order which has to be $400.00 or greater.

I would like to avoid the 10% charge for a short order. Can you ship the chime directly to my customer?

Sure thing. We can drop ship the chime directly to your customer for $6.00 plus shipping. Please indicate that you would like us to drop ship the item by leaving the customers shipping information in the notes field with your order. 

This will be my first shipment and I ordered one of your racks. How do I set the rack up?

There are detailed instructions that come with all of our racks but should you have any trouble while putting the rack together please don't hesitate to call us for assistance at 512.385.0340.